Liverpool FC 2021/22

Less than three months until WE GO AGAIN


Any sign of the Mbappecopter?

Seen it there landing in the car park of the Ratoath Inn.

He just put this up on Instagram

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Kabak gave us some great times

Nearly worth spunking the 10m to be able to sing that song.

Apparently Youri Tielemans being linked as a replacement for the departing Gini.

Cost a pretty penny I’d say.

Probably outside our spending remit alright. We’ll sign someone nobody expects with limited gossip like Jota last summer.

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If Hossam Aouar is available for €30m as reported, he’d be better value than an EPL player.

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The opening of the Ratoath Inn will be like a new signing .


Happy Istanbul day Redmen


Comprehensive victory for the Redmen in the Non-Shot Expected Goals table for 2020/21 @Thomas_Brady

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throw in the VAR variant and we’d have won by another 7 points

That’s remarkable given all that has been thrown at Liverpool this year.

No VAR whatsoever would add three points. Factor in the corrupt and inept use of VAR by Ferguson’s henchmen and you’re looking at another 10

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Some right shockers in there.

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