Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


Apparently he was a star player over there. He’s playing senior hurling now though kid.


He should’ve scored that.


Shit himself


Took his point. Typical junior hurler.


Failed EPL player previous to his Italian experience.
A real 1 step forward & 2 steps back move. cc @Nembo_Kid


Fucking salad, fuck back to Italy you donkey.


That Salah lad is a fish out of water, he just kicked a ball like a small girl just now,
Mane is a lovely player


Brendan knew back in 2013/14 not to bother with him :brendan:


Liverpool are generally very strong in the second half under Klopp. I think it’s important that they turn this around and get the win and I believe they will.


Salah is gifted.


Salah has to be the best bit of business this season.


Yeeeesss. If we win this I’m going to get a Western Union sleeve patch ironed onto my new jersey this afternoon.


Far too good for Serie A.


Can’t believe they’ve got him for under 40m. A very astute bit of business. Seems a natural to the EPL


Very shrewd business.


Is this Klopp out, Klopp in, he’s shit, he’s brilliant line of “wit” going to continue all season with you Liverpool supporting gimps?




Ever so slightly hypocritical post from you there mate


Lovely stuff. Just seeking confirmation, mate.


Salah’s pace and willingness to go in behind is going to be an asset for Liverpool