Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


TRENT !! 7-0


We want 10


where is sloveina? some former Russian hellhole i take it


Maribor got more shots on target than Man Utd did last weekend against Liverpool


Maribor will be chuffed with that.


The way Liverpool beat the helpless Maribor up there would sort of remind you of the way @HBV admits to treating his wife in bed, except he wouldn’t have anything like the same penetration, at least not without artificial help.


No mate, former yugoslav hell hole


Just shows Mourinho was right to fear Liverpool and park the bus


He should have bought a cheaper bus.


This is what happens when a manager doesn’t buy a centre half or two in the summer when he obviously needs one.


Not having plan b is unforgivable. Sackable.


Time for Rafa to come home


Any link for this?

I feel like torturing myself


Ron Atkinson was right about that Matip fella


jesus christ, how much more time are they going this clown klopp? he hasn’t a notion, time to bring back Rafa Bentiz


@Nembo_Kid right again


he’s the number 1 football pundit on here


Salah didn’t hit that very well but showed great pace


Salah’s class