Liverpool Football Club 2017/18


Klopp is a fraud.


They seem determined to score a goal from a move with a backheel.


The fanboys out in force tonight



New champions league group goals record


so true.


Liverpool are violating Spartak Moscow like Harvey Weinstein in a room full of B list actresses.




Next year is Liverpool’s year


Mo’s goal drought of one game has ended


Next year is 26 days away, which is, coincidentally, the number of goals we’ve scored in the last seven games.


He is a coward


@mickee321 must be enjoying Salah’s form these days. He used to be bigging him up when he was still at Basel


Jose Mourinho must be loving both Salah’s and Kevin De Bruyne’s form, having let both go for a song after giving them hardly any game time at Chelsea.


I see Klopp apologised to Chris Hughton for not shaking his hand first after the final whistle on Saturday in Brighton. He says he meant no offence whatsoever.

Meanwhile Mourinho is having another pop at Wenger this time.


I think we can all agree that Klopp is a decent lad and probably the greatest manager in the world right now.



He truly is. I like his new teeth. A wonderful man. I love the way about him. Endearing.


Liverpool’s season seems to have turned since Firminho has found a bit of form. He was poor at the start of the season but is flying it now. Dunphy was right though, a decent team will destroy those lads at the back. Good to see Klopp wasn’t afraid to drop Henderson.


And then he goes and forks out £75m on a guy he also jettisoned.


Can will miss the next game.


The Man United fanboys were seething on RTE last night.

Liverpool are terrible defensively.
Why can’t / won’t Klopp fix the defence?
Moreno has been terrible, why doesn’t he start Robertson?
Both goalkeepers are a liability.
Moscow could give them all kinds of trouble tonight, they are a decent side, they hammered Sevilla.

H-T Liverpool 3 Moscow 0
Moreno has been out of position terribly.
Moscow could get back in this look where Karius came charging out to there.
Remember what happened last time out at Sevilla.

F-T Liverpool 7 Moscow 0 and break goalscoring records
This Moscow side are an awful team.
Liverpool should always be putting 4s or 5s against them.
They’ll be found out when they play a proper team.