Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Sanchez is a terrible footballer


Draw isn’t great but it’s not a disaster either. Keeps our noses in front.


Would have taken a draw before hand alright.


Commentators eye. Almost. United goal disallowed for offside.


Pogba MOTM so far.


Some let off.

But it shows how vulnerable we are.


Milliner should have seen another yellow there


Liverpool’s crosses and set pieces have been so poor.


Brave point for Liverpool there. Still fighting


Liverpool go back to the top.


Great point for Liverpool considering they were 2nd best by a long way today


It’ll do, I suppose, brings us back to the top at least.

Not a good second half performance though and Firmino injured too.

Watford will present a significant challenge on Wednesday, having scored five the other night, and with 42 hours extra rest too.


Jurgs redmen not at their best, but the champions elect are back on top.
Created nothing.


I think after today, Origi has to move ahead of Sturridge in the pecking order.

Sturridge offered nothing in the hour he was on, whereas even in 10 minutes Origi at least looked like he was showing for the ball and offering an option, he looked hungrier.

Liverpool’s problem is that as the season wears on, teams are increasingly just sitting deep and just playing on the counter against us, and if we don’t get an early goal, we struggle to break teams down while also looking quite vulnerable on the counter.

The static nature of the forward play was worrying - points to tired players.

Two wins are desperately needed against Watford and Everton because wins are the best tonic for tiredness, especially an away derby win.


Liverpool are running on fumes now.


Not signing Nabil Fekir was a big miss.

We don’t really have anybody capable of playing a killer pass when needed - he can do it. Whatever happens between now and May (or hopefully June 1st), this has to be the number one area of attention in the summer. Even one midfielder of this type, in addition to a fully fit Ox, would be a massive advancement.

Keita has been a massive disappintment and while sunken costs mean he’s likely to get at least another season, I’m not optimistic he’s going to suddenly up his game - he just doesn’t look cut out for the Premier League.


Feeble attempt. United were sitting ducks with all those injuries. Klopp knew it was a big opportunity missed This time last year you’d have been sectioned for questioning the front 3. Salah looks like a pub player. Shocking again from him.


Salah is a flat track bully cc @Cicero_Dandi


Not even doing that.


He’s only good against high defensive lines.