Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Liverpool is a socialist city. We don’t do privatised groups.


I dont get this bottle talk at all. Liverpool have a good starting 11 but you wouldnt consider them a great team… probably shows the weakness of the EPL currently but at the same time you cant diminish from their feats to date in duke-ing it out with city.

Klopp recognized last year that the midfield wasn’t good enough and went after Fekir (sic) but it didnt work out so went for his second choice, Keita but that also hasnt worked out… there has been 5 goals from midfield this season which is pitiful and Liverpool are essentially banking on the top 3 to fire every game — on the back of a long season last year which was built on frantic pressing and then onto a world cup, I think the 3 lads up top have suffered more than the rest and are looking tired mentally and physically.

They are still in with a great shout … City have a ball of games coming up and a big trip to Old Trafford. The longer they go in Europe the more than might become the priority also - Pep is desperate to win it with another team to prove his greatness. Injuries are also mounting from them but their squad is ridiculous and then can absorb most of these and walk all over 17/18 of the other teams in the league.

It should be a great finish to the season - but unless Liverpool’s front lads kick into form, it could be another nearly story for the famed Redmen cc @Ralphie



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I’ll cut your throat you little cunt.


Manchester City don’t play on Paddy’s weekend as they’re involved in the FA Cup Sixth Round which will give Liverpool the chance to go back top. Manchester City don’t make up that back match (at Old Trafford) until April 24th.

By then, they’ll need a win just to keep their deficit within two games’ worth of points.

April 14th will be the reverse of April 27th, 2014, when Manchester City slip at Crystal Palace and we smash Chelsea at Anfield.




Sorry, pal… the pressure of it all is getting the better of me.


5 goals from midfield is atrocious. Your boy Wijnaldum shat himself again.


He’s not my boy. He’s had a very good season over all.


If you wanted to be witty you could have said “Gini is a bottler”.

The fact that as a Liverpool supporter, I’m offering witty self-deprecating lines to people to attempt to bait us with just shows the immense psychological strength us Reds are feeling.


One decent game at home against some whipping boys followed by a disappearing act away from home is his lot unfortunately.


Much like our midfield I missed an open goal.



Ollie is right, it’s hard to shake off the mentality of a losing club, Klopp is doing tremendous work there.


And Ronnie Rosenthal. A rare case of an Israeli sharpshooter missing his target from point blank range.


The Champions League quarter-final last year demonstrated that beautifully.


That could be a very important post come the end of the season.

Well done, mate.




I’m hoping it makes the highlight reel on the season review.


I see Van Dijk had a dig at the Everton fans celebrating a 0-0 draw…