Liverpool Football Club 2018/19



Guess who’s number 1, clue: the hipsters don’t rate him


It’s a British magazine FFS.

That list is terrible. No Skriniar, Bonucci, Romagnoli, Thiago Silva and Gimenez when they are easily top 10 in the world.

Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Laporte and Umiti in the top 10? Lolzers.


Interesting selection, nobody from the EPL is a surprise :smile:


I don’t think there are many good defenders in the EPL. Rudiger probably the best.


And the beat goes on…


Vvd is one of the best around and that’s coming from an Everton fan.your shown yourself up to be clueless again chief


You’re a brainwashed EPL fan.


No brainwashing done down south pal…


It’s sad how unaware you are.


What’s the issue here with these?

& no VVD in top 10 ffs🤣


Two brilliant defenders, neither fit to lace Van Dijk’s boots though, he’s phenomenal.


No Pontus Jansson either, madness


They’re shit and so is the £42m bombscare who partners them in defence.


Cool mate


Every MOTM performance from the Dutch maestro is a dagger to his heart, fascinating to watch,
Someday, surely VVD will make a mistake, he’ll drag six months out of it


Odd you didnt rate him at Celtic


Odd you’ve repeated that lie twice today mate, what’s the story? Have you been sent in to bat for a while by the boss?


No, i think you are behaving in an odd manner. You have for a while tbh


Sure mate, you’re not long putting the boot in anyway.
Why are you repeating some bullshit line about my opinion of Van Dijk at Celtic, poor form