Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


If Ireland won it you would see how much it means


Champions find a way.


Great play by Mane to stay on his feet there.


Outstanding from Mane, he’s gonna have a big season.


Do do do do do do


Ya mate, @the_man_himself considers himself a football hipster, knows nothing that he hasn’t picked up from some obscure podcast


A World Cup medal means more than anything else in football.


Mané will be Liverpool’s top dog this season


He played for Roma mate


Great win from Liverpool.


You consider me a football hipster because I’m not an EPL fanboy like yourself


He came across the defender brilliantly who couldn’t touch him.


He didn’t need to touch him, we all know what cheat Oliver does.


Thanks for that Captain Obvious. I also have a television


Given the bile you’ve already spouted I thought I needed to say that to you.


Who won?


Michael Oliver is a top class referee


That was a very professional performance.

The tone for the season has already been set.

Liverpool are now a serious, serious team.


Three horse race already for the title


Liverpool Football Club not at our best tonight but kind of results champions get.
Bobby and Mo not back to form of last season yet.
Another clean sheet.

Allez Allez Allez