Liverpool Football Club 2018/19




Liverpool are like Ryanair. They’ll get close but not quite there


It’s gonna be sad fighting with all my Limerick Hurling e-friends on other topics but fuck it it’ll have to be done in the off season !






This Allison fella is of questionable character


Captain Hendo has signed long term deal.
Don’t think he will be a regular starter any more.
Andy Robertson announced as captain of Scotland
Kloppo building a team of leaders


Good result today, should have scored a few more.
As Kloppo pointed out the performance was better than result.
Encouraging start to season also with Fabinho yet to start and big Dejan to return
We are Liverpool


Jaysus big dejan returning. Thats scary for all Liverpool supporters



The drugs do work


Treble is still on.


No harm to get our one defeat of the season out of the way nice and early in the season.



Only a late Dean Sturridge goal at Stamford Bridge has averted three successive defeats. Talisman Mohammed Salah completely out of sorts. Are Liverpool imploding? Champions Manchester City next up.


Dean sturridge never played for Liverpool and also retired about 15 years ago


Dean Saunders I should have said. I’m not very familiar with a lot of the personnel.


Swing and another miss strike 2

Saunders retired around 2000




Ian Saint John?