Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Liverpool have ye on the run already


Too right. They nearly murdered (cc @The_Selfish_Giant) Man City players last season. If intimidating people by threatening their very lives is having them on the run, then yes, they are very much on the run. I’d question the sensibility of allowing this game go ahead at all.


It cost Manchester City the European Cup.


They’ll use a decoy coach and all arrive in different taxis with false mustaches and glasses on…


Is the specialist throw in coach making much of an impact?


TG4 programme picking an all time 11 right now


Would ye agree?


No I’d say that would be Fergie… He drove those scouse bastards demented.


Seems like Naby only had a back spasm and not a heart attack
We go again
I see the Man City snowflakes are still morning about their bus getting a warm welcome last year


Keita rushed to hospital again tonight


The people’s champions not at their best but get a draw against Fraudiolas petro dollars team
Big Dejans return ensured a clean sheet
Front 3 not firing, they will do untold when they click
We go again


More clean sheets than @Cicero_Dandi


I don’t see Liverpool winning the league, you need to have a bit more than trying to chase your opponents down endlessly, they will gas out before the end of the season.

That kind of approach may work in knockout competitions but a league campaign is a long, hard road.


Karius, oh karius.


I thought you were a St Pat’s fan mate?




Shaqiri just mugged off the Cardiff defence to score his first Liverpool goal. A great signing so far


Mané 4-1


Klopp out


Lovely drop of the shoulder