Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Bargain of the year :clap:




Alisson :clap::clap:


Getting it done.



Only damp note is Joe Baresi’s injury


Champions find a way.

In a normal year we’d walk it, but City will keep us honest


No mean achievement to win away against a team that was in Europe this year
Champions -elect find a way


City must be getting pissed off, they surely thought they’d have quietened the noisy scousers by now


If Arsenal drop points as well it’d be a grand evenings work for Klopp and the gang


Wait til Liverpool find their groove. No clean sheet is annoying.


It’s vital that kloppo buys well at Christmas. One decent striker and one centre mid.


Undoubtably. Can’t see anyone to come back into that city side either to improve them.

Well apart from De Bruyne.


Best start to a league season in 126 years and still only second.


6 goals conceded in 15 games phenomenal. If they keep that up you’d be talking 15 goals conceded in the entire season.
They conceded 8 in their first four games last season and 38 overall. Alison is the major difference this season.


Champions League has been very different though.


They conceded a lot in europe


This is the post Brexit era. Domestically in England is the top priority.




How many people did Liverpool fans murder tonight?


Look at you being all edgy. Anything original.