Liverpool Football Club 2022/23


It will be farewell to Sadio, Divock and a few others (I would imagine Ox, Tackie lad, Big Nat, Rhys lad, Neco, and others will all be available on the transfer market).

Carvalho in. A new midfielder in as well you’d hope. Can’t see much business beyond that.


Bobby stays so maybe? Jota, Diaz, Bobby, Salah, Carvalho, Elliott - competing for attacking slots.

Need another midfielder. The age profile isn’t great here.

Gomez might leave also?

Klopp might pull in 60/70m in sales and buy a few gems… Water into wine again??

Neil Jones says Sadio won’t be going until a replacement is in. Darwin Nunez, lined up for United, would be a great scoop but I’d say they wouldn’t pay the wages United would be lining up

Great thread. I’m obsessed with Liverpool football club and Juergen klopp


Hopefully a few transfers on the way

Got a great deal on the Radisson Blu in Istanbul there.


Win together. Lose together.


be warned mate, he told the liverpool fans to turn up (& rush the stadium) with no tickets

not good advice

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A special club

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The aul red flares are a great job for creating style #incrediblescenes

Only a few weeks til a new season. Another chapter to be written. A few hall of famers moving on but I trust the laptop gurus to find a few more hidden gems.

Extremely embarrassing to be celebrating failure.

We were celebrating winning two trophies, mate.

Lose 4 games from 68. It’s phenomenal. It cost them in the end fighting on all four fronts but the consistency at that level of pro sport is outrageous. Themselves and city have taken it to unprecedented levels.

Klopp might go back treating the cups with a level of disdain next year tho and who could blame him.

Hes only gone and won the lot anyway.

Massive challenge for the club to keep the hall of famers who’ve won it all at Liverpool and can get a bigger payday elsewhere. Klopp and the knowledgeable fans are doing Trojan work in that respect.

We kissed the sky. We’ve done it before. We’ll do it again.

We got history.

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No one is bigger than the club. Just ask Philly Coutinho

A midfielder is imperative… I presume he’ll give young Bradley more time also next season.