Liverpool Football Club 2022/23

Do the laptop gurus have a formula for finding laptop gurus?

The lads in Bangalore will be in charge of signings at this rate.


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I think we should sign Valverde, Bentancur & Bellingham in January.

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They could finish second next season if they sign him.

They made us dream.

So does eating cheese just before bedtime

We did our best


Not the first cover up Liverpool have been involved in :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Up your bollix Pep.

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That bald fraud was inciting the crowd. Carra would have lumped coins at him

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Leatherhead him with bag of 50p coins

Sent home with his change thrown in his mug

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Probably stuck the coins in his pocket the mean bollox

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the cunt will probably try and count it against our wonderful net spend figure

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It was…Jamie Carragher.

I see Steve Heighway is after leaving the club now, this follows two other figures who have left in the last while. Something going on behind the scenes at the club?

he was told to hit the road

Must be well in his seventies.