Liverpool Football Club 2023/24

We’re just enjoying the journey.


Chelsea paid the rest of his fee


Thats fucking heartwarming.

Thankfully there was someone to record it and tweet it.

Because if it wasn’t recorded and tweeted it didn’t happen.


Thankfully there was a poster on TFK ready to come in with a cunty post.

Not a cunty post

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The lads really endeared themselves here. A similar demeanour collecting their Cadbury’s cream eggs to that displayed by Conor McGrath at a deli counter Circa 2014.


Incredible goal by Darwin Nunez. Number 18 for the season for the prolific Uruguayan.

I noticed Keith Andrews on the bench there for Sheffield United. Chris Wilder presumably enthralled by his contributions with Stephen Kenny’s ball playing Republic of Ireland team.


You forgot to tag bru

I had a bad feeling about this one alright.

Bradley could have no luck

The chap lost his father a couple of months ago. No need to berate him. His choice was no different than Fenian hero Neil Lennon.

I was saying he was unlucky, what the fuck is wrong with you?

You’ve been calling him a quisling cunt for months for declaring for the North.

Oh yeah he is, what’s that got to do with his dead father?

The Orange Order club shur

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Lennon was pre Good Friday Agreement so not applicable.

For the record I have no issue whatsoever with Conor Bradley playing for Northern Ireland.

Top bins from McAllister