Lockdown 2021 Run Challenge

I’m gonna join this this time lads. Think my back can take it.


What’s the challenge??

Plenty Romanian :romania: dead lifts. Seriously, get a good bit of flexibility and strength into your hammers and it can often solve the back issues.

A kettlebell would do the job grand.

The auld boy rang me, you get a 90 second window with the man, I had to take it.

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We go again. 1st 5k of the year done. Nothing but misery. At least there was no fear of overheating anyway :cold_face:

Going to try and do the 100km in the month. 1 down 19 to go


@Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy needs to sign in.

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I attempted 3k the other night and I got to 2.65… my calves were cramping and side stitching up.

I’ll still bate @Fran and @Locke.


I’m up to 658m now @caulifloweredneanderthal - limited to weekends now for the big ones so I need to be through 1000m before Sunday evening I think.


I’ve yet to hit the 2k barrier in two attempts. The ould back does be at me :cry:

I gave you a follow on strava, in case you are wondering who is this freak.

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I must charge up my watch and get back in the game properly.

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Glutes and hamstrings… Sort them out and your back will be ok.

Strengthen and stretch.

Even if you just squeeze your arse tight for 30 seconds 3/4 times a day, it will help.

But mobility is your issue.

Gave you a follow too big fella. Impressive numbers!

Im back at square one now tho :cry:

Yep, I’ve started doing Dr Jo’s back stretching exercises. It’s definitely the glutes and hamstrings. I had one bad glute after my last soccer game

Foam roll … Or get in with a golf ball/ sliotar… Work out any knots… Work on strengthening them… Tonnes of stuff online. But simple things like clams and squeezing your buttocks work to warm them up before a run.

Cheers! Is it advisable to get these underlying issues sorted before attempting another run. Am I damaging myself while tipping around the park while in rag order?

I’d say try warming your glutes up and go for a light run and see if that helps… If it does you know what’s up… You won’t really be doing much damage going for a light run unless you’re in agony when running… You’ll know yourself generally.

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Have you the proper runners?

I didn’t really get to run during the Christmas break but went out on Friday. I really struggled early on but had read @Gman’s inspiring post about nearly giving up after 2km but making the full 5km. I was determined to do likewise and so I doggedly continued before giving up after 2.86km.

I then had a lovely night run on Saturday. I hadn’t been running at night in ages having gotten into the WFH routine of either running after the crèche drop off or at lunchtime. Anyway, I’d earlier been for a really long walk after the Celtic defeat and I logged back on to see @flattythehurdler still making snarky and goading comments so off I went for a trot. I did the 5km in dodgy underfoot conditions at near zero temperatures. Now it was a pathetic @Fran esque 6min/km time but it was really enjoyable.

I’ve also been out the last two mornings after the crèche drop offs and I was determined to get my times down towards 5.30min/km but that won’t be possible if I’ve to assume full time childcare duties.