Lockdown Drinking Thread - obsolete

Please log your evening libation of choice during this national emergency. Photo optional


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I’m finding being on my own tough and have decided not to drink during this lock down period.


Barry’s tea.

I’m shiteing something fierce

Jameson 18



I need a change-up. Buying a rake of cans of Guinness and Tuborg at the earliest opportunity.

I’ve never understood people drinking by themselves or with their family

Tonight’s cast. The auld bank holiday Tuesday, and all the excitement has meant the weekend has gone on a bit long.
I’ll consider sobriety for the next few nights


I would generally agree but these are extraordinary circumstances.

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Grand tack

An excellent lineup there.

Are you off it for the next few months so?

Nothing weird about having a beer.

Probably, I’d get no enjoyment out of it without the social element

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You’re not doing it right.

I never drank at home until recently enough, as in the last few years. At some point in life you find yourself wanting a beer, but not wanting to deal with the hassle of going to a pub etc.
If this happens you don’t develop a taste for nice beer. You’ll save no money

The social element is to get away from the mundane . Times are tough with less social interaction , NO SPORT , worry about our elders , worry about work, job , payments etc . The odd dram or whiskey or a bottle of IPA is a grand relief .

That’s it in a nutshell… I wouldn’t be getting drunk at home but being able to drink quality beer that you like in the comfort of your home gets nre appealing the older you get.