LOI 1st Division 2024

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Athlone Town have an El Salvadorian international on their books.


Once upon a time they used to have mostly Portuguese players.

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Salveys are cheaper

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Late late drama in a bore fest at Turners Cross as Bradley Wade makes a smashing save off an excellently struck & then deflected volley.

Fair result @Corksfinedtboy didn’t get out that way after. Watching it on the dodgy box though.

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Tbh Wexford were tenacious,played vv well,our shower are a disgrace,
Bullied off every ball
E Boyle bossed back line,didn’t do a thing wrong,
I thought Wexford deserved 3 points,
My last time this season going to watch our shower,they don’t deserve the support they get week in/ out
I’m beyond it now tbh,
I won’t tolerate anymore of that I don’t give a fuck attitude that’s crept into the management and team,
They seem to think that it’s only a matter of turning up,
Well the cunts got a rude wake up call yesterday in Ferrycarrig,
The various city forums are alight with fans giving out,
I’ve followed these whures up n down the land,
And for me if my team doesn’t turn up then I’m going to do likewise need a serious break from them ,
Ballybofey - we were lucky
V Kerry fc- we scraped it
V Treaty - we deserved to lose
V Athlone - beyond bad
V- Wexford fc- we didn’t show ye respect and nearly paid the price.
I’ve also a women’s CCFC Season ticket so will go to more of theirs

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Time to let them fold and start up again

How many times would that be now?


A storied club, as old as united and as many faces.

Exactly 1/3 the amount of times that @Corksfinedtboy has sworn that he’ll never attend another game :grinning:


:smile::smile::smile::smile:true but honestly I’m taking a break,cant handle it as well as I should,
This gang would drive a man OTT,
15 m to go ,no rush whatsoever,
No urgency at all , walking to some of the throw ins etc etc,
Fans incenced

Ah here😄

5 times more than any Laois team won an all Ireland at any level I suggest

Laois got lucky they met a typically windy shower of cork Cunts to win an All Ireland

Wexford v Treaty sounds like a cracker

Ragin I didn’t go, thought the wind was gonna knock the goodness out of it.

Jaysus @Corksfinedtboy



Time to disband them