LOI 22/22

Hoare and Mandriou to SRFC
Bolger to the bitter reds
Dundalk doing a clear-out
FC Biggles reject an offer from Huddersfield for Grant

Flores, Mountney, Gannon and Gartland have all been linked with SPA. I’d say they are just using them for better offers themselves.

Interesting to see how Magilton does at Dundalk, he will have contacts and was highly rated at Rovers in 2011


SRFC must have a big squad now.

What’s the story with Jack Byrne?

MLS or Cyprus

I heard he doesnt want to go to England


Money isn’t outstanding in the MLS outside of the marquee players. What would he be on at Rovers?
I assume they’ve offered him a contract?

I think he didnt enjoy his experience there last time, think there were mental heath issues

i guess if someone came in with a good offer he will go but his preference is not there

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id say money shouldnt be an issue to him

i would guess 2k a week at Rovers

he was very well paid at Man City

“offers flying in”

He has to see where his Mammy wants to live too. He’s dead right to be fair, much nicer to live in Cyprus than the likes of Derby or Nottingham or some other kip

Would you get 5k a week or thereabouts in Cyprus?


EPL superstar Chris McCann returning to the LOI?

Dundalk have offered Byrne 4k per week with add-ons such as a car

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Gannon to the Hoops

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Hoare is terrible signing IMHO @The_Selfish_Giant

knows his stuff should do v well

the hoops mate i have where i get all my info from & who i am sychophantic with agrees