LOI premier division thread 2024

A “plucky” point gained by St Pats against the Tallaght franchise
Nice to see the Saints try and psss the ball rather than lumping it forward
Could have been 3 down after 20 but hung in there and could have won it, very very soft free awarded to Pohls (but suppose they are always given)
Melia took his goal nicely and had a cracking game

shocking for both goals

100% bradley needs to do something

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i hope he is ok

meant to be really sound

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All the best to Noel. Must be fairly serious.

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Stephen Kenny has taken the Pats job

serial failue spock is back

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Irelands most successful manager* will have the Saints purring in no time
The loyal fans on the Camac terrace welcome this move

*pass completion %

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Kenny is the greatest manager the LOI has ever seen. He’ll do untold

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Battle of the weirdos


An absolute spoofer

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5 year deal. He’s in for the long term.

He’s better than Bradley

Kenny has only succeeded when under little to no expectation (Longford/ Derry/ Dundalk) yet failed at Bohs, Dunfermline, Rovers and Ireland.

History will be kinder to Bradley, thirteen years his junior

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Kenny must be kicking himself.

It seems like Xavi will be leaving Barcelona after all,


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Always a struggle up in this kip.

Not many goals tonight all around

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How come the game started late?

M50 accident, was closed for hours. Delays all evening