LOI season 2018


Poor game in cork .


Cleary is excellent on the ball. Only watched the last 15 minutes but Cork seem to have defended very well


Daryl Horgans brother


I thought he was the same age as myself, but he’s actually younger. Still, he’s been around a long time. Wasn’t he Galway’s captain last season?


Been playing for Galway since he was 18. The other brother is the shamrock rivers keeper.


Not sure. Where are those lads from?

City are very young. Dundalk far more ohysically developed.

Dundalk look to get a bit despondent in games sometimes I think. Their heads went down for 15 - 20 after the goal, could have been 2 or 3-0.

In the end they created 2 more good chances.

City’s style adjusting too


Dramatic and dissapointing conclusion in Richmond Park, as Bohs get an injury time equalizer.
Game turned on Ryan Brennan’s sending off after about 50min, a second yellow for a dive.
From my blinkered view it should have been a foul and therefore a penalty to Pats.
After red card, not suprisingly, Bohs had all the play.

Waterford really wracking up the suspensions last few weeks


What sort of attendance was at Cork City Dundalk game @caoimhaoin?


Full house. 6700 or something like that

Maybe a bit early in season yet but it just lacked 10% of the bating for blood atmosphere. She’d was usual self but the league title may have blunted the fans ever so slightly for now.

Dundalk seem like a good crew. Mixed well around the place before game. Same last time I saw them.

ABR really


There was 20 minutes left




Big game in the markets field tonight. Hopefully the boys have gained a bit of confidence from the 3 points in bray. From what I heard we played well enough in Derry a few weeks ago for the first hour so I think we could (hope) scrape a draw tonight. Hon the Superblues


I’ve missed one or two matches recently due to other commitments but back tonight, hopefully with 3 points.


Hard to see St Pats getting anything out of trip to Oriel tonight.


Rovers 2 up on city already.

Great recent run coming to a serious halt


1 down at half time. Patterson last kick of the half. Playing decent stuff at times. Here’s hoping for a goal in the second half


SRFC 3 - Cark 0



It’s been coming according to the lads on soccer Republic? Played very well in Derry


Bradley in


Pats getting a trimming in Dundalk.
Wasn’t expecting a point but conceding 5 is poor.
An upbeat Rovers visiting the Stadium of Light this Friday.