LOI season 2018


Limerick lose 3 0. I must say one of our best performances. Well in the game. Had 3 or 4 good chances. Onto Turners cross on Saturday for the Munster derby


What’s your point?


A 17 year old bossed cark around tonight




first home game i missed this season but a great result
you know, he is finally allowing the team to settle and not making this ridiculous switches every game.
v Limerick as i posted on here it was an excellent first half but they allowed limerick back in for whatever reason- i believe derry was also very good
look one cannot fault rovers at playing attacking football - they really do and as i have said here before if they can keep that defense tight and buy a goalscorer they will be deadly
its good to hear horgan had a clean sheet- now im sure the issues at the back will persist for the season but you have some excellent attacking players there like Burke and Kavanagh and i really hope he sticks now with Aaron Bolger and Finn in the middle
they are playing w/o a recognised striker - Burke is an excellent inside right and Carr is a link man who is very good in the air, with a striker they could be lethal
im actually very suprised by the result - i know cork play by and large horrible football but i was expecting them to really bully rovers and that Cummins would put the fear of God in Lopes and Grace but there you go

as an aside that Cork Dk game the other night was horrific viewing - when compared to Dk/rovers and rovers/bohs from 2 weeks ago and its a pity really


those monday games are murder again for the the part time sides
Pats/Limerick/BSC again going down on a monday nite, poor attendances also- only 1900 in Tallaght - that would be 3.5k if it was a Friday


Fellas are so ridiculously obsessed with “good” football.

Good football comes in many forms



Bolger immense yesterday

He trains with srfc in the morning and is at Ashfield college in the afternoons
Very good way to do it


Last few minutes of the first half of Waterford-Dundalk sound lively!


Pats go 1 up against 10-man Shamrock Rovers.


Looking forward to @Ralphie’s match report. Looks like there was plenty of drama in Richmond Park.


Bray beat Derry .


Alas i didnt make it to the Stadium of Light tonight. Raging.
Great to bounce back after a hiding in Dundalk to beat Rovers of all teams.
Oh when the Saints…


2 goals for the rapist tonight - unreal
if that man hits form with Duffus and they manage to curb that ridiculous discipline problem they could win the league
unreal, what a win for waterford


i didnt go either
when i was young and free id luas it to drimiangh and run thru those knacker flats to the ground but i dont have time for that now, no parking out there also
sounds like a decent win for pats…


There’s plenty of parking around Richmond Mick, obviously avoid St Michaels. But up Bulfin Road and in front of Kilmainham Jail there’s loads.

Shame you weren’t there as it would have been interesting to see how you would have spun that defeat.

Fucking UCD got an injury time equaliser in Tolka Park :rage:


i call games as i see them usually, unless it would be family related events for CRFC that i havent seen in a while
my comments on Rovers, especially after the Limerick and other games have been objective and my comments on their defense frailties and lack of a goal scoring CF have been proven to be 100% correct- anyone who watches them will know


Nice win for the Super Saints in Limerick.


Tbh thought we deserved a draw. Murphy pulled off a few good saves. Nice turn and finish from Brennan