LOI season 2018


I was in the Vintage Inn in Irishtown last night and a few Rovers fans I know came in after the game, they were livid with Bradley.


Play to their strengths rather than to pacify some people’s perception of the way “football should be played”

It’s winning football


Alan Reynolds got into a spot of bother in Tramore on Saturday night.


Noel Hunt signed for Waterford. Hard to imagine he’s better than Duffus at this stage.

Huge game for Limerick tonight.


he looks like a white version of gabriel abonglahor in 2016
key recent takeaway is how the smaller squads are really been hit by these extra games on monday nights compared to last season
on tonight i really cant see past wins for Pats cork dundalk and derry
limerick bohs impossible to call


Rovers 1 up early doors

@The_Selfish_Giant what is being build behind the goal in Tallaght?


A new stand


Lopes should have seen red there, shocking challenge.


Super Blues lead 1-0 at home to Bohs.

Sligo ahead in Derry.


Nasty one alright.
Great start by Rovers, interesting to see if they can keep it up.


Boo hoo Brit boy


Huh? What are you shiteing on about now? :smile:


You are obsessed with the hoops Brit boy


I couldn’t give two fucks about them, although it amuses me to see a Northside scanger like yourself pretend to support them.


I’m south fingal mate


A Northsider supporting Shamrock Rovers :laughing:


1-1. Brutal defending by the shams, easy to see why they are in the bottom half of the table.


Bolger is the best prospect from oireland since Liam Brady


Pats 2 down in Bray.
3rd defeat in a row on the cards.


2-1 to Dundalk, more appalling defending from the team in the bottom half.