LOI season 2018


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3-1 Dundalk, Rovers keeper having a Karius moment.


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Is this the guy Bradley just took off?



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I’m liking what I’m seeing, 4-2 Dundalk :rofl:


I hate Bradley


Should have been 4-3 there, cracking second half here.


Bohs equalize .


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Kavanagh is the next Aaron Bolger guys, can’t praise him any more than that

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5-2 Dundalk, raining goals.

Whose that lad with the ponytail for Dundalk @mickee321? Looks handy.


We want Bradley out


cc: @The_Selfish_Giant :wave:


No mention of the shenanigans post match??

Or is it covered in another thread?


The Super Blues Thread


apologies i was out on a mini vacation in the utterly magnificent Surrry cc @Tassotti cc @Bandage the sunday drives thread will be updated
i was reading a report of the dundalk bohs LSC quarter final from last night when your post sprung to mind as to the amount of new players in this squad
from what i know

Adorjan: (the lad with ponytail) is a Hungarian who they have on loan from Novaro in Seria B- now this lad couldnt get up to speed with the brutality of an LOI midfield but appears to be finding his mojo, a very good play

Karolis Chevdukas: Lituanian international - played v England in recent WC qualiiers- they signed him from Suduva- injured for the first third of the campaign but now featuring

both of these players look seriously good

Marco Tagbajumi - they signed this lad from Lillestrom , an italian nigerian fella who has these cameos in the last 10 minutes and nearly always scores- appears to be having the craic , looks very unfit but seems to have a great eye for goal - for now only starts in EA sports and Leinster senior cups and enters the fray late in the league

now this really is a sign of intent in their behalf to drive on- they have a very good squad to be honest and they will be looking at trying to get to the europa league groups again this season id imagine

best x1 i think

rogers ( dodgy - but Sava is shocking)



Jamie McGrath


Graham burke to preston - 350k,