LOI season 2018


Hery scored in Rathbane 1-1 , missed that


christ Greg Bolger is utterly useless


Fair fucks to him as Limerick havent played in Rathbane in years


That constitutes banter .


indeed it does
lads this fella Dylan watts will be some player
SRFC 2 up now
fair fks to limerick


Pats finish with 9 men and 0 points.


Colossal result for the Super Blues, young Tommy Holland is the best ‘keeper in the league.

Duggy wins it with a Goal of the Season contender, a worldie.

The Cobh lads Murphy and Coleman are decent. Cc @mickee321


I went in tonight and I really enjoyed the game . Like the hurlers these are an admirable bunch who deserve better support from “‘the Limerick sporting publuc” .


Pats lead Bray 1-0 after an uninspiring first half
Lovely shot by Ryan Brennan the difference
Bray hit crossbar just before half time.
Not a classic
“It’s a shame about Ray” been played in PA at half time (album is so short could play half of it during half time)


Pats ease to 3-0 win
Second hand goals from Turner and Kelly
McCabe sent off for Bray


Cobh Ramblers beat Dundalk 1-0 in the league cup semi final and will play Derry in the final.

Well done @mickee321


First time Dundalk or Pats wont win it since 2013!


this is an incredible result
we were 20/1
i wasnt at it but followed on LMFM who had live commentary- for those who follow and understand football in this country you know how tiny a club ramblers are , the manager works shifts in a pharmaceutical factory and the keeper delivers milk
as usual he went with the u-21s plus a few tonite, an incredibly talented team - dundalk had a lithuanian international playing FFS they had Cleary, Massey, Checvdukas, Connolly, Murray all involved and threw on the cavalry , its a monumental shock, one could say they were rattled after a trashing in cyprus ( kenny had them locked in the dressingroom for an hour after that in Larnaca), well whatever he said clearly hasnt worked
this is a truly incredible result from a group of highly talented players who will be lost to the MSL more than likely


ah thanks pal -


How is final venue decided?
Great if it was in Cobh


i have no idea


Generally in Tallaght


Toss of a coin I believe. Some trip for the losers :see_no_evil:


itll be Bus Eireann for Cobh anyway


didnt Pats beat Limerick in Limerick tho? i know SRFC beat Drogs and lost to Dk in Tallaght