LOI season 2018




i just watched Soccer Republic there @Ashman to continue our conversation comparing Dundalk 2016 v today
ok in 2016 they had that brilliant back 4

v AEK he went with
Hoare (gannon bench and came on
Jarvis (Massey on bench and came on

now - hoare had an absolute mare was at fault for 3 goals - now he was signed as a center half to cover boyle leaving , yeah i know he replaced Gannon when he was injured but this was different to playing Bohs - also Jarvis - surely not good enough

now not starting Massey and Gannon (unless injured) is as bad as caulfield not starting Cummins and Sadlier at home v Legia, Massey and Gannon are experienced pros and this is their scene - maybe kenny can explain that

after the game (kennys biggest ever defeat BTW) he went on about doing the basics wrong
well look at this howler from massey tonite in cobh - if this man is making a mistake like that there is something wrong


Delighted for Ramblers, a grand old club :clap:


henderson seems like a decent sort as well.


Indeed, Cobh were always a good club, my favourite place to play and a great bunch, played with a fair few as well, mad cunts



Like 83 when my teacher was tormenting the Sligo defense, great days,


Good luck to Rosenborg tonight.


Also it’s almost a week overdue but fair play to Noel Hunt.

He left one in on that UUCOAM Steven “Beats” Beattie last week, a snide little stamp but escaped punishment. Top man.



I recall a certain Cark poster telling us that cark were the best LOI team ever


dundalk v ramblers part 2
few changes for Cobh due to fellas unable to get time off and a few more experienced players back
following on ramblers twitter
0-0 after 15
dundalk full strength


we’re doing ok
kabia jnr in
mylod starts in goal as paul hunt at a funeral


20 mins in the Inchicore Classico.

0-0 Pats with all the play and hit the crossbar
Camac terrace and stand behind goal not open so everyone in main stand.


Cup specialists Rovers a goal and a man down at Drogheda.




0-0 at half time in the Stadium of Light
One way traffic, Pats a bit sloppy and have hit the bar twice
If Pats get one they could get 3 or 4
Strange atmosphere


Pats win 5-0
Inchicore Athletic down to 10 men almost straight away after half time
Most of conversation in second half was about Rovers trailing in Drogheda


A facile 4-0 win against Athlone Town

Rovers lost to Drogheda :smile:

Cc @The_Selfish_Giant @mickee321 @padjo


Stick to the Hotspurs mate


1-0 to the Drogs :smile: