LOI season 2018


Home Farm Everton/Fingal 1 Cork 5 (HT) and also FT


absolute scenes…

Cobh Wanderers A.F.C. are honoured to announce that we have been selected as a host club for the F.A.I.’s festival of football which is in Cork this summer.
The F.A.I. will visit Old Church Park this Tuesday 14th August from 15:30.

All players, past and present, along with anyone else interested are very welcome to attend. F.A.I. C.E.O. John Delaney, President Tony Fitzgerald along with various R.O.I. playing legends will be in attendance.

This is a massive event for our club and a great opportunity to show off our present facilities and plans for the future so please come out and enjoy the occasion.
The event schedule is as follows but is subject to change:
15.45: Greeted by Committee + Frank McCall (Chairman)

15.55: Refreshments in Clubhouse

16.05: Tour of facilities + Official opening of Gym

16.15: Speeches: FAI President Tony Fitzgerald, FAI CEO John Delaney

16.25: Frank McCall (Chairman)

16.30: Presentations.

16.40: FAI depart for Springfield Ramblers AFC




Just looking at the teams in the hat for the second round, were there no draws at all in the 1st round?

Draw is on Soccer Republic this evening.


Surely a club with HFFC’s pedigree of producing young talent shouldn’t be playing Ollie Cahill who was a fine player .


This is the LOI thread mate

keep all cup related nonsense of it

whats your views on Sinclair Armstrong btw


I’ll comment in the appropriate thread pal, if you don’t mind.


Ollie was something else, I actually did pay into Turners cross a few times just to see him play, mesmerizing at that level.



very good at SRFC



Pats should have got something out of both trips to Derry this year

I’m predicting an away win

Assume CIE ranch will play their game at Stadium of Light.


what a fucking day



mayfield utd

some wonderful organisations there :smile:



Rosenberg 2-0 up in the second leg.


Well done, it’s as good as a trophy to you, I’m made up for you :+1:


i think he’ll resign now
the Watts i saw for Bohs here a few month is a pale shadow of the man who looked so limited on the park tonite
Bradley is ruining him


Did Watts get the Curly finger?


Outrageous scenes :clap:


nasty scenes now…outside