LOI season 2018


Rovers Are Fucked


stokes is a grand player for the BSC
there is something really stagnant about rovers now - cronin and bradley need to go
Greg Bolger cant play again for them, utterly useless
bohs a very likable side- supple is a great bit of stuff in goal also


what happened in the east stand after the game
im in maldron now if you stayed on


in fairness, these are scenes, this kind of thing puts the fear of god in the EPL crowd,


The keeper could have done better ??


Free out,foul on lopez


Indeed, has that youngfella been sent to Man City?

Shocking result again for Rovers.


To be fair he is young and a good one from what I see .


Good article in the indo about how passionate and what commitment the fans of srfc and bfc have


Where were you sitting for the game on Friday mate?


Keep your nose out of my business


I thought as much


so the 400k for Bazunu (sp) is confirmed
that +300k for Burke earlier
the 400k sale im assuming is to cover the loss of income they expected to generate from the europa league maybe,
however with this and the playing of the15 year old v Drogheda it does raise a few questions about what the academy is trying to do
i have no doubt there are very talented players coming thru but if the the academy is just a guise to sieve them out and make a quick buck for the club its looking a bit cynical, i suppose Roadstone needs paying for also
or do you just take the opportunity while you can and make a few pound - if MCFC are prepared to pay this cash its not the fault of rovers… previously of course we just wouldnt have heard stories like this- in the case of say stephen ireland a brilliant player up to 2010 anyway - he signed for MCFC from Springfield but for nothing obvioulsy - now in todays environment he would have been at ramblers so the club would have got money if they played him in LOI 1st div when he was 15 for a few games as they knew he was been watched ( keane was 19 and playing senior football at the time they got 25k for him)
its beginning as we always thought the the purpose of the LOI clubs linking with the schoolboy clubs was just to make a few pound


Another season at the Hoops is good, hopefully some add ons and a friendly too. The general feeling amongst is hoops is Bradley should go and the next manager should be focussing on the 1st team only


i would agree with that


CIE Ranch lead UCD 2-0 after 19 mins in the round of 16 cup clash.


Pats lose by single goal for 3rd time this year in Derry and bloody miss penalty as well.
Fancied Super Saints for a cup run.
Suppose better year than last years relegation scrap.


the cup seems to be at a total dead loss this season
first couple of rounds played off within a few weeks and no one really giving a shit in front of pitiful attendances
the last decent occasion for the cup was in 2016 when they played both semis on the same day in october - it was sunny and 2 great games on TV derry/dundalk and cork /pats

this whole season in general has been a shambles with bray and limerick falling apart, very poor showings by all clubs in europe (ok we have higher expectations now) and rovers and waterford falling away,the releagation is decided and the 2 at the top are like bald men fighting over a comb


The FAI Cup has Too much chaff before we get to the wheat .

The LOI results in Europe this year went with the rankings . I think the raid over the last 2 years by clubs across the water has made it a good bit harder .


That play off scenario for the first division sides is a pure farce too.

Fourth v third in a two legged play off.
Winners of that play second in a two legged play off.
Winners of that play the second bottom side in the Premier in a two legged play off to determine who goes up/stays up.