LOI season 2018


it has and dundalk and rovers felt it
dundalk been seeded next year if they win league will make things easier
we need to be careful we dont slip into that bottom 7 of the UEFA coefficients , wales are in there now and already there is an extra round to be negotiated to qualify
remember Dk got to the UEFA groups after winning 2 rounds of CL qualifiers- that’ll never happen again per this year’s set up - you need to negotiate 4 rounds of anything now (or 5 if you are in that bottom 7 ) to get anywhere
take even cetic - played 3 rounds of CL - still need a playoff to get to uefa
so dk that time after loosing to legia got to europa groups - now they would need a europa playoff tie against other CL loosing sides,

you cant knock the cash tho
each round of europa qualiying

1.5 million
2 million

CCFC got over a million quid for loosing 4 games…


Keep on hooping


great result- safe trip home


great scenes in the away end there


Don’t know what Dundalk are complaining about, looks a stonewall peno there.


Cobh Ramblers manager Stephen Henderson strongly believes that the introduction of a third tier to League Of Ireland football is the way to go in terms of progressing football in this country.

The reports emerged last week that the FAI are mulling over the possibility of bringing in a third level of football into the domestic Irish footballing structure.

One of the main aims of such a move would be to bridge the gap between underage and first team League of Ireland football.

Speaking this week, Ramblers boss Henderson feels such a move makes perfect sense and it would be in the best interests of football for all in the country.

“I think there has to be a pyramid system here in Ireland. If you look at it, is there enough players to play League of Ireland football, absolutely 100%.

“Not only does it increase the league, it brings the league to different parts of the country that haven’t been hit before.

“We could have Munster Senior League teams in it, we could have Kerry teams in it. The geographical spread of the league could be all over the country.

“We are finding more players all over the country. We are identifying top new coaches all over the country. The League of Ireland becomes exactly that, a League Of Ireland.”

Henderson added: “What you have to understand is that coaching education in Ireland is one of the best in Europe.

“At the moment we are churning out top class coaches in Ireland, but we have nowhere for them to go.

“It is our job to facilitate them and at the moment, our best coaches are going to have to leave the country.

“If you are going to add a new tier to this, you cannot put too stringent demands, especially financially, on them because you will just frighten them away.

“There has to be a process of forming the league and then there has to be a financial process gradually coming into it as the clubs grow.

“Through that, what I will think will happen is you will have people from the Munster, Ulster, Leinster and Connacht councils actively becoming involved in the running of League of Ireland football.

“If we can get people from the League of Ireland and the likes of the Munster and Leinster Senior Leagues working together, finally we will start to get a country working together for the one goal – for the betterment of football in this country.

“That can only be a good thing. We have to look at football in this country as a whole, and facilitate the quality that we have both in players and in coaches.”


0-0 at Stadium of Light at half time
Unusually Pats playing 3 at the back
Conor Clifford subbed off injured
Decent Waterford crowd
A half of few very few chances


He is a thoroughly likeable chap


Pats win 3-0
Campion tapped home first and Leahy with 2 headers from set pieces
Could be the glorious return of Set Piece Athletic


Cark :grinning:

Waterford :grinning:


fuck me what a night,
you gotta love Sligo Rovers
im hearing that JC has lost the CCFC dressingroom and they didnt want him in there before the game tonite
the horrible defensive pukeball that man plays is a disgrace- i cant forgive him for the way he approached Legia in the home leg - they were dirt poor and he dropped his 2 most attacking players.

christ how can you pick between dundalk and city
kenny is more bearable and they have mick duffy, they’ll surely win it our now


I was in markets field tonight. Limerick gave them loads of it. Just lacking that bit of class. Dundalk dominated possession but Limerick probably overall had the better chances. Limerick seriously lacking in the last third though


isnt he?
he’s a fucking sound man- he has this funny dub / cobh accent now
his views on football are way to progressive tho
i must saw i like his idea - no reason why best of MSL and LSL cant join forces and form a 3rd div, itll be streets ahead of the current first div anyhow


Speaking from an MSL point of view I’d fully agree. There’s a number of clubs with top notch facilities and enough numbers to make a go of it.

I think midleton were making a push to go loi proper a few years ago.

I can’t speak much of lsl.

I’ve always thought it would be a great idea to try and push a true Munster senior by pushing the best of the Limerick, Waterford and tipp clubs into a senior league. You’d probably get one team from Kerry and Clare too.


Some fuck up from Cark, it’s all over now.

Brutal result for the Reds tonight, we’ll be lucky to make the play offs at this rate :rage:


Dundalk play football in the right way, whatever else you say about them.

Cork are just a team of brutes with the odd footballer thrown in.



they do 100%
fuck it - they really need a proper striker and 2 center backs for a crack at CL next year - a midfielder also
surely with seeding those yanks will throw a few pound at as the rewards for getting thru the various qualifying rounds now are huge
chevdukas was a good signing, Tagbagumi was a chancer and Adirjan was class but Novaro were always going to take him back so there was that willingness to experiment this year
now im not saying they can do an AEK Larnanca on it and raid La Liga but if they can foot the bill for wages and signing on fees there is no reason why they cant play the free xfer market and then make it back on qualification momey, 800k for being there, 1.5 mill for next round and so forth

seeding is huge here
look how far fcking suduva progressed in teh UEFA




He’s an under-15? @The_Selfish_Giant would want to have a serious look at himself