LOI season 2018


Cork championship standard apparently. They wouldn’t survive the Vauxhall conference on this showing.


Bohs are the form team in the league to be fair


They’d be very suited to the hoof and run style of the English league system tbf


Only saw that Delaney own goal now :laughing: He got dispossessed for another of the goals. Absolute joke this lad is probably a millionaire


Caulfield’s teams have always been absolutely horrible to watch. Just big lumps with zero intention to get it down and pass it. They really fell on their feet stumbling across Seanie Maguire.

Also possess some of the most horrible cunts in the league in Beattie, Shepperd, McNulty and Caulfield himself too obviously.


What a fucking howler.


Pats win in Sligo thanks to penalty from goal keeper Brendan Clarke
Pats have missed a few penalties lately so Clarkey must have decided enough was enough


Well done Brendan, a great ‘keeper and a sounder fella you won’t meet.


yep with a premier league center half
they’d be well suited to the “championship” allright with that hoofball

what about Bohs? flying !!

as stated here 2 weeks ago dressigroom in cork is a mess -


breaking news
Im going to the game in derry tomorrow
in fairness as a sympathy the FAI have given cobh full use of the astro in abbotstown to prepare for tomorrow
id say we havent a hope but stranger things have happened like beating dundalk


a bit twee id say
is that from the fella who does jackie jameson’s FB page?


Haven’t actually read any of it yet
Not sure what else the compiler of it did.


Dundalk 1 up on Cark already, Shields



Hoof after hoof after hoof for Cark


They’ve been very poor. Dundalk could have gone two up before HT


Would have been some goal


Super Blues 1-0 up at Bray.


I see Finn harps are floating around the play off places in the 1st division at the moment…:persevere:


He went for it !