LOI season 2018


BJ fucking Banda. :persevere:

Bound to end up facing them in the play off. :disappointed_relieved:


That UUCOAM Caulfield sent off in disgrace at half time.


He’s some gobshite


Violent altercation in the tunnel. Red card.

He needs to be slapped with a hefty ban. Or just slapped.


Probably shitcanned first .


What did Caulfield do?
Probably time for Cork to get Roddy Collins in now, so he can start prep work for next year


Shields is having some game


Limerick double their lead at Bray.


Poor game in cork .


Dundalk 9 points clear with a game in hand and 5 games left


Now we know why he left .


He didn’t have a clue about real sports in fairness


Well done Dundalk. A lovely footballing side and deserved champions.

Football has prevailed over hoof ball.


City took a 1 - 0 hammering there.


probably a scrap with a member of his own staff
it was reported here that was he not left in the dressingroom at HT b Sligo


Cawley really is an excellent analyst i must say
look he signed Josh O hanlon, sadlier, Macnamee and Graham Cummins- that is the guts of a lovely attack but he went with the “agricultural aproach” as cawley brilliantly put it
look - against Legia when he dropped sadlier and played that 4 5 1 at home it was horrible to see
Seani clearly was a phenomenon - best ive seen in my league lifetime bar maybe Twigg but Seani had a better impact with putting a team 21 points clear- but still he recruited players of the class of sadlier and cummins and couldnt make it work- Macnamee was briliant at Derry - Caulfield couldnt use him

look i called it as a CCFC title when i saw their recruitment and i saw who fragile dundalk were at the back but caulfield couldnt do it
Dk got better as league went on- they never hit the heighst of 2016 i feel and i think they still miss Andy Boyle
Hoban is a very poor man’s Mcmillan
they are seeded in CL now and need some foreign players in with Euopean experience
Duffy POTY


Limerick win 2-0 up in Bray. Terrific result.

Combined with Munster getting hammered in Wales it has been a cracking night all round.


a terrible season all round tho
league over
no relegation battle
europe a disaster

Bohs are team of the season really - hope they win the cup


At this stage the last thing the league needs is another Cork - Dundalk cup final.

Caulfield got lucky with Maguire, look how they limped over the line without him last season.


pitiful attendance tonite as well in the X
what was there 4.5k only?
obviously huge for LOI but that way below the baseline for cork DK in Cork
there was nearly 8k in march 2017
great away following but id say it was only season tickets for the cork support
casual support wouldnt be interested as post sligo the game was up really