LOI season 2018


Just realized that the permanently self congratulationing, craft beer drinking, hipsters Bohs finished one place lower this year than last


Dundalk have won the double. 2-1 victory in the cup final. Delighted for that Caulfield cunt.


Big changes next season in cork, Dundalk gonna dominate for a while yet


A decent final. Cork played fairly well but lack a bit of fire power.


What sort of attendance was there today for the blue riband event of Eire soccer?


31 k : A decent crowd




20,000 or so shy of a full house. That’s a shockingly bad turnout.


It’s almost like you knew the attendance and were setting it up to have a go — 30k+ is a very good crowd for LOI - when was the last time the AIL got a crowd like that? – I was at Con v Garryownen sat Saturday and there was about 200 at it.


I didn’t know until about ten minutes ago that this on today. I’ve never watched one of these Eire FA Cup Finals. I would have assumed in a supposedly soccer mad country like Eire that a Cup final would be a sell out.


Answer the question please



There was a lad on here blowing about a crowd of 23k in rugby football a couple of weeks back, which was apparently the biggest attendance in European rugby football that weekend.

30k + for a stale, relatively unattractive pairing for neutrals just shows the attraction of football in the country.


What was the crowd for the triple header in chicago?


It was pitiful whatever it was anyway according to Brendan Fanning in the Sindo today.


I asked the question Smithers. What was the attendance at the Eire soccer Cup Final today. Keep up with the play.


It was answered you silly woman beater


Eire soccer Cup Final day and all the Eire soccer types want to talk about on the Eire club soccer thread is rugby.


Kind of like how you say you have no interest in soccer yet the vast majority of your posts on here are discussing soccer


Don’t think so Alan , Titanic without the captain would have sunk well before time,miss Steven boy big time,time will tell,city will be more worried ref Waterford/ rovers


Boycott know you’re looking for a rise here goes,fcuk off ya pismire,most local rugby club games here in Cork are v badly attended,and as for " Ireland’s call" Ireland’s shame it should be called