LOI season 2018


Hon Bohs . Into these horrible cunts .


Could the fella behind the goal not have given it, he was right there and never signaled anything


In the big game of the night, 9 man Shels trail Drogheda Utd 1-0, 1-1 on aggregate. 50 mins gone.


That’s what I was thinking, how did he not see that?


It wasn’t given straight away anyway, they waited until the follow up was blocked before awarding it.

It hit that UUCOAM McNulty’s water bottle and spun back out. Should be a yellow for unsporting conduct. Must admit I didn’t think it was over the line in real time, great spot to give it from a fair distance away. Those lads behind the goal are useless at every level.

Dundalk reject McCormack on now.


There was no water bottle


Have a look at it again.


I did.



Is Morrissey gone off for Cork? He was having a great game.


This might calm the Bohs fans down a bit
They were getting fierce annoying


9 man Shels bate on penos.

The dream is over for another year. :cry:







Could ye pay only the 9 ?? ( Not that we have any thing to gloat at ye)


Every cunt is having a pop now. :rage:


Classic Shels
Did the hard work with the away win, then throw it away


You weren’t saying that after the Leinster senior cup final, you junkie cunt.


@Matty_Hislop pretty twee here