Lookalikes Thread


Celtic's Scott Brown:


Kerry's Kieran Donaghy:

  1. Big Keith from The Office, Rafa Benitez and Max of "Max and Paddy".

  2. Paddy of "Max and Paddy" and John O'Shea

[img size=250]http://www.wernhamhogg.co.uk/images/interviews/keith_int.jpg

[img size=250]http://images.icnetwork.co.uk/upl/icliverpool/aug2007/1/3/44A8922F-EE17-43BA-B997580131D9B576.jpg

Max and Paddy
[img size=250]http://www.patrickmcguinness.co.uk/img/maxpaddy1024.jpg

[img size=250]http://www.carling.com/media/player_images/player-image-38696.jpg

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[img size=150]http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/tx/gallery/media/ap_jackson_thriller_405.jpg

Michael Jackson

[img size=150]http://picsrv.manutd.com/?fif=/manu/img_10_20202.jpg&obj=iip,1.0&wid=240&hei=311&rgn=0.1384297520661157,0.003947368421052632,0.49586776859504133,0.40921052631578947&cvt=jpeg


Sandy Coen from The OC:

Joachim Loew - Germany Manager:


England and Gloucester centre Mike Tindall:

[img size=190]http://www.thefreekick.com/components/com_fireboard/uploaded/images/4065.jpg

80s superstar and Mario Bros nemesis Donkey Kong:

[img size=190]http://www.thefreekick.com/components/com_fireboard/uploaded/images/4065.jpg


Uncanny isn't it?

Obviously made a horlicks of that and 'edit' doesn't seem to let me upload another image.

[img size=494]http://www.thefreekick.com/components/com_fireboard/uploaded/images/chunky1.jpg

Detracts from the effect slightly.



Timmy from South Park



Enda Kenny
[img size=250]http://image.com.com/tv/images/processed/super/55/92/52935.jpg

and Ron Trott from Justice on UK Living and Fox TV


Christ Rocko. You could easily pass of either as Ron Trot or Enda Kenny except Ron Trot could probably run this country :angry:


Roger Federer
[img size=300]http://i24.tinypic.com/33yhxyb.jpg

And some random hun


Does that yolk in the Rangers jersey have a moustache?


Flano wrote:

Does that yolk in the Rangers jersey have a moustache?

Most of them do Flano.



Flango & the Dob look very alike


DOB is a lucky guy.


Some quality there


Aiden McGeady:

Michael Flatley:


Ruud Van Nistelrooy:

The Ma from Malcolm in the Middle:


Vince Vaughn

[img size=150]http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/images/2007/1121/1195251590965_1.jpg?ts=1195655639

Michael Cheika

[img size=150]http://l.yimg.com/img.tv.yahoo.com/tv/us/img/site/68/89/0000036889_20070110182746.jpg