Lookalikes Thread


That’s terrible, but why this thread?


Because he’s an inbred Tipp cunt.




What did they use on this fella,a graipe?


The taxi driver or Mr Bradley?


Mr Bradley has received a written warning, no more telling the truth about the limerick scumbag hurlers, and no more mentioning taxi drivers getting assaulted by unnamed persons from a mid west county snuggled between Clare and Kerry.


A peculiar accent entered my head whilst reading that.


Hollywood star Ben Stiller

Leicester City manager Claude Puel


Stiller looking more like the Fonz there


Dessie Farrell gpa chancer
Neil Richmond fine gael senator


Joe O’REILLY. Convicted wife killer


Thomas Byrne td



I suspect its more that we all got the point about forty posts ago brimmer.




Office IT guy


Sevco Manager Graeme Murty



viktor yushchenko

Dr Michael Harty TD


Portuguese clown Jose Mourinho

Georgian actor Merab Ninidze


Stephen “Bullet” Bunting

Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins


Angus “Statto” Loughran


Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins



Boxing Trainer Joe Goossen

Actor Gary Busey


What the fuck? Are you half blind or something?