Lookalikes Thread



Mick Mackey and Babs Keating, maybe the rumours are true




Was mick also a cantankerous bollox?


You stupid hick cunt,


Which one of those fine looking ladies did you ride this morning Harry? Your cousin or your sister?


I could have lepped your ma & sister and you’d have missed it you blind cunt.


Don’t know but considering the connection with Babs he probably was, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree




They could have had the same mullah


A human mask.

Silvio Berlusconi


Snooker player ding junghui image football journalist Miguel Delaney image


Utterly wooful


A busy month this month with some excellent efforts and some equally poor ones. It was hard to whittle it down.

We’ll start with a few of the poor efforts this month.
@AppleCrumbled effort for Messi and Miachael Oliver.
@iron_mike for his Mick Hucknell effort.
@Cicero_Dandi for his Gary Bussey effot

But the winner of worst lookalike of the month is @Sidney with his Rory Best effort.

Now we move onto the best lookalike of the month section. Starting off with the good efforts we (have a few).
@Big_Mick_McCarthy with his Shane long effort
@Cicero_Dandi with his Coogan-Lightbody effort.
@Ashman for his Mick Wallace effort.
@Locke for his Puel- Stiller effort.
And finally @sidney made up for his dismal aforementioned effort with decent lookalikes on Robben , Mr. Miyagi and Navas.

But there was a clear winner from very early in the month and that just had to be @fenwaypark for his uncanny Satchwell- Limerick supporter lookalike.

Well done to all mentioned and all the other efforts. It’s great to see extra traffic on the thread in the last couple of months.
P.s. sorry about the poor disjointed post. I’m in a rush.



No else had a chance after that.


star of das boot Jurgen prochnow

Bavaria munich player Thomas muller


TV presenter Simon Thomas


Stephen Hendry



George Michael

Stephen Hendry


Diego Costa

Eli Wallach


Arsene Wenger

Maggie Jones


Ricardo Carvalho

A young George Graham