Lookalikes Thread


ah suck a pipe




Ape with flag

Cork Fan


That photo is a few years old, I know that fella, used to play cards with him in College, a Crossbarry man, he’s done a lot of good in his life in a voluntary capacity


Cool story bro, but I doubt anyone gives a fuck.


No worries, I was sent that photo at the time and it just came back to me. How did you get the idea from an old photo


What the fuck are you raving about, are you on mushrooms?


This new avatar has really given you an edge


Can’t believe someone didn’t get there before me.


I don’t even know who it is. A doctor or accountant presumably…


Ya, we can leave it there.


The world is ill divid


Marty Morrisey

Garry Shandling


I get the tuxedo bit, but, erm, what else?


You have to be coked to the eyeballs. Apologies, I should have mentioned this.


When you’re coked to the eyeballs you’re thinking about Marty Morrissey in a tuxedo?


Glenshane, on a wild night snorting coke and posting on TFK, still a borning fuck.


Freud would have a field day with you.


Absolutely. It really was a poor effort.
How’s the coaching going?


Harry Redknapp (suit)

His coke head son Mark