Lookalikes Thread


Have you no humanity? The mallow news ffs


Ah sure it is was shared all over the internet last night
I was just surprised some of our elites hadn’t seen it already


Your cynicism will eat you alive. The tragedy is I was going to post her standing for the anthem in the awkward gaa photos, but saw the resemblance. Now you’re throwing it back in my face. Desperate


Ah fuck, the same pictures used and all. Highly disappointing. @cluaindiuic what say you to these charges?


Great minds…


Fairly weak response to the charges there mate,


Ah jaysus


56 likes. And not 1 of them deserved.


I knew it was too good to be true that a Kilkenny cunt had a sense of humor and wit.I’m fuming.


Well in CLG, hon d’Cats!! Up d’Village


@cluaindiuic’s was posted 5 days before that article, we’ll need one from prior to his post to nail him to the cross on this one.


Like, 2013?


Oh fuck! I didn’t realise that was from February 20th 2013, I just saw 20th and went with it!

Oh damn, @cluaindiuic is toast here. Sorry bro

Hang him high.


I’m not sure if I can take my “like” back. Maybe there’s a time-limit on it?

This may need to go all the way to the Post Rating Disputes Thread.


@rocko needs to delete his post. Or for @cluaindiuic to do the decent thing and remove it himself.


David Drumm got jail for less…


Police Academy’s Sgt. Debbie Callahan

Pretend ra girls



The Woman behind Diego

Alan Pardew?


Cian O’Neill


A beaver