Lookalikes Thread


That’s a whopper @Jimmy_Mc_Nulty👌


Must be about the 5th time Canning and Kroos have been put up.
Let this be the last of it now.


Sean Gallagher

image https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/986726570340499456/T3cLQk0P_400x400.jpg

Benito Mussolini




Peter Casey, tinker hater


Guy off of Jaws



Fuck sake… That’s flying around on whatsapp… You’ve interrupted your pints of 3% piss to look for a few likes by trying to pass off someone else’s joke as your own…you despicable bastard.


This is the sad gag @Locke is trying to pass off as his own… I’m about 30 seconds away from where he’s drinking… I’d nearly go up and kick him in the fanny.


Well in @Robert_Emmet, well in


We must have a mutal contact, I got it not long before you put it up.


Sad to see lads Robbing other people’s hard work and trying to take credit for it. Anyways.


In fairness if I had used whatever comments were said in the tweet you could slag me


Happy to give that one number 25 pal


A new low.


Meghan Markle


Lela Loren



World fingering champion, Paddy Jackson

Limerick hurler Pat Ryan


I’m afraid not


Alexey Pajitnov, Soviet computer engineer and creator of Tetris
David O Doherty, Irish comedian


I think we need more than them both having beards.




Joe Satriani - Pixie’s lead guitarist

Joey Santiago - Pixie’s lead guitarist