Looking for a portable P.C. type device?

Some purchasing assistance required from the forum’s more technical savvy posters.

Would it be better buy online than in a store? PC World is probably the most convenient place for me to purchase and I haven’t had problems with them before, any other stores offering good deals on laptops? Would you make much of a saving online?

My budget would be around €400-500. What’s the best value on the market today for that price?

I bought one of these for someone recently, very impressive laptop (style wise):


I will also be going to Scotland in two weeks. Would I be as well hold off and pick something up over there?

Chewy Louie picked up a very good spec laptop for good money in the UK recently.
He might post up the details as I forget.

There probably isn’t a huge difference in price. Gola has a thread recently where he bought a laptop around the same budget as yourself, so he might update with what he makes of it.

Thanks Runt.




What about this lads?


Have the link added in now.

Another question lads.

Do laptops generally come with a recovery cd now?

Runt are Hp a good laptop ? thinking of acquiring the one in the link


I’ve had a few HP’s and found them good, the leads aren’t great, can fail after a while. They get fairly hot as well if you have them on the lap as the fans are badly positioned and get blocked. Compaq are the same laptops as well I think.

Ya HP are generally grand. Not a massive fan of them myself but that’s more a personal thing.
I’d rather have an intel processor in it too, but for that money it’s a fine machine.

Super, thanks for that.

What do people make of the Alienware line done by Dell, any experience of it?

I’ve never used any of the machines but some of the nerds seem to think though that they are charging OTT prices based on the brandname.

The prices aren’t that bad, I did some comparisons and they’re about the same as any other laptops. I ordered one recently, it’s going to be a beast of a machine.


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