Looking For Mickee

@mickee321 The Desmond League are into the Semi Final of the Kennedy Cup :clap:

Stuffed Dundalk 3-0.

The blazers in the SFAI will be seething that the boggers have got to the last four. They hate nothing more than the country boys disrupting their little east coast cartel.

Cosy little east coast cartel.

Hon ta fuck. I saw they topped the group alright. Any locals involved?

Two, including one from our road :clap:

A proud history of Kennedy Cup representation on that road :clap:

I thought this was going to be a thread about @Tassotti sleeping on a park bench again

Someone slipped him a mickey the other day at epsom too apparently…

The soft townie cunts were beaten in one of the other quarter finals.

especially an “ould fucking docker from Foynes”:clap::clap::clap:

“Would our esteemed colleague from the country like to speak up so we can understand what he is saying”

1-1 at the moment.
Kerry down to 10 men. We can do it.

a member of the desmond league whose name will appear on the programme for saturday’s game once " threw a shaggin punch" at a prominent dublin member

Penalties. 13-13 at the moment!

How’d it finish?

Lost 14-13 :frowning:

They have no bottle them culchie cunts.

Did we (DDSL) win the other semi final?

Only on now