Lotto Millionaire raffle

anybody buy a ticket for the lotto raffle at the end of this month ?
a total of 300,000 tickets entered into the draw…20 a ticket…by my mathematics (which can be quite poor at the best of times) i make it 1 in just over 550 tickets will win a prize…1 in 150,000 chance of being a millionaire…bought 2 myself…

2 x 1 Million
5 x 100,000
45 x 10,000
80 x 5000
100 x 1000
300 x 500

[quote=“scumpot”] bought 2 myself…


The worst of luck to you, you little turd.

Didn’t do this either and I’ve only done the lotto about 5 times ever. It’s just something I never got into the habit of doing.

His auld man won €6 million golfing but oh no that wasn’t enough for young Smyth. Not short of a few bob I’d say as it is. Cunt.


A bit different from across the way with the willy nilly use of the “C” word…tis great.

Thought the same meself when I heard who the fucker was.

Very liberating over here and I haven’t seen a closed thread yet TT.

This is on tonight.

Looks like they won’t be able to sell all 500k tickets.

Wonder if the draw will be pushed back…

I am in tonite anyway Copper pipe, this could be the year

Sounds like a marketing ploy

About 330k sold as of 1pm

last year they had only 350,000 tickets for sale, this year there is 500,000! the prize list is identical to last year, except they will be pulling in an extra 3 million euros via the added 150000 tickets.

Chance of winning compared to last year has been reduced by a fair chunk.

Tickets cost 25 Euro this year too compared to 20 in previous years

Ah that’s a joke so

If there’s only 330k tickets sold surely all the prizes are divided out between them? Are you telling me that there’s 170k tickets that they’re holding themselves in the event of not selling?

I bought a ticket after @Copper_pipe post.


@thedancingbaby funded it :smiley:

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I don’t back any of DB’s tips.

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054239 the winning ticket guys.

Check those tickets

An seo.
That’s me. Pink ticket
Serial no 43745&&
Tin of bucuits?

The winning ticket numbers and where they were sold are:

€1m Christmas Millionaire Raffle ticket 2017:

Ticket Number: 54239

Selling Agent: Centra, Castlebridge, Co. Wexford.
€250,000 Christmas Millionaire Raffle ticket 2017:

Ticket Number: 306241

Selling Agent: Tarpey SuperValu, Cootehill Road, Co. Cavan
Four €100,000 Christmas Millionaire Raffle tickets 2017:

Ticket Number: 285203

Selling Agent: Costcutter, Railway Road, Cavan.

Ticket Number: 133919

Selling Agent: Tara News, Main Street, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath.

Ticket Number: 117086

Selling Agent: An Post, Saint Andrew Street, Dublin 2.

Ticket Number: 99666

Selling Agent: Blarney/Centra Filling Station, Shean Lower, Blarney, Co. Cork.

Full list of winners here:

359784 was the highest winning ticket number…

The talk in Wexford is that Kevin O’Connor from Screen, currently Preston North End and formerly Cork City, won the €1m. The ticket was bought for him by his godparents as a little Christmas gift in the Centra in nearby Castlebridge.

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