[quote=“BenShermin”]Tax on idiots?

Sure the same could be said of alcohol and cigarettes which you just piss and breathe out of you. Sure everything in the 21% VAT bracket could be discribed as a tax on idiots given such logic. No harm in doing a quick pick every so often.[/quote]


A mug tax on the moronic. The amount of twats who spend big money on this shite and scratch cards every week is crazy.

I will admit to doing the lotto from time to time, I know the odds, but for 4 yoyos I get to dream what it’s like to be rich for a while.

If you don’t by a ticket you can’t buy the raffle.

Now as for that Millionaire draw, or the Monday Millions, or the scratch cards, they are just licenses to print money

Lotto is some fecking waste of time alright.

Cannot stand people who don’t understand the maths of it and think there’s less of a chance of 1-2-3-4-5-6 coming up than other numbers.

But even more annoying are the people who advocate picking 1-2-3-4-5-6 on the grounds that they have as much chance as any other number while failing to realise that they’re also far more likely to share the jackpot because others are thinking the same thing.

If you are playing you should really:

  • stay away from obvious combinations like that which attract people and obviously then lead to more sharing in the jackpot
  • presume it’s the same for marking out an X in the grid or any patterns like that, same chance as anything else but more chance of sharing
  • pick some numbers higher than 31 to avoid sharing (lots of people do birthdays)
  • on the grounds that people are choosing numbers based on some other data in their lives (birthdays, anniversaries, employee number etc.) you should probably avoid lower digits in your numbers (Benford’s Law)

Did anyone else see last weekends lotto winner in the paper today, she was stink ugly, so ugly she could only pull a man in a wheelchair…she is on the news now…

she is 30, he is 64 and in a wheelchair, the son is 7.

living proof that karma is bullshit.

I think you are leaving out a very important fact.


The fact your man was already loaded.

Ah right.
Thought you could only push someone in a wheelchair.

[quote=“Pikeman”]Ah right.
Thought you could only push someone in a wheelchair.[/QUOTE]

Very good. I believe the wheelchair is only a temporary thing. He’s usually just a fat bastard not a wheelchair bound fat bastard.

They look like some crowd of knackers in the paper there, settled travellers?

[quote=“myboyblue”]They look like some crowd of knackers in the paper there, settled travellers?

All midlands people look like settled travellers


[quote=“myboyblue”]They look like some crowd of knackers in the paper there, settled travellers?[/QUOTE]

They could easily be id say,the second name,the wheelchair,the ugliness,the lack of any class in victory,the slightly too big on him suit,lots of things are pointing in that direction.

They had spent[SIZE=“3”] €95[/SIZE] on tickets for the draw

The pitiful thing about this is that thier big win will inspire others who dont have this kind of disposeable income to spend this sort of crazy money on trying to win the lotto.
Id do the lotto once and sometimes twice a Week myself,a €4 quickpick,havent ever wopn anything over €20 or that,total waste of money really.


they look a bunch of inbred wasters alright, i wonder was the wheelchair a benefit scam of some sort

Apparently he was loaded already. Used to own a cash and carry in Athlone, sold it for a few million a few years back. Depresiing that millionaires play the lotto.