Love island


Will the black man ride dani dyer?


This thread is also known as what your GF/wife would post on here.


Is he gay now?


Anyone logging here should fire themselves into a tank of water


Twud cool themselves down anyway :smiley:



Alex making a right cunt of himself tonight


Serious drama tonight @codegreen


I missed it.! Il catch up on YouTube.


@codegreen it’s all about to go down tonight mate :popcorn:


Josh will now be the prize cunt for all the girls. Shit got real right there.


I thought he made the wrong choice. Georgia is lovely looking.


Ah the new one is lovely but the producers have done him up like a kipper.


Oh they have big time, to be fair its amusing enough. The best of a bad lot in reality tv.


I think she is fucking cracking. Second only to Megan :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Josh has mugged her right off though. Mugged her right off.


I don’t think any of them are anything great


Signing in.

The UK is fucked.


All kicking off again tonight @codegreen. It’s like the pretend lie detector test episode of the wire.


It all kicked off proper mental tonight alright. Dani Dyer was pwoper miffed. And Jack has been mugged white off.


Bitches be insecure and tripping