Love Ulster

One of the rioters got 18 months in prison today. No idea what the lad did but it’s hard to pick anyone out of the footage available who deserved to spend over a year in jail.

Man jailed for Love Ulster rioting
10/03/2008 - 13:02:01
A man who admitted to taking part in the riots during the Love Ulster parade in Dublin City over two years ago has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Ross Farrelly (aged 23), of St. Johns Gardens, Railway Street, Dublin, pleaded guilty to violent disorder on O’Connell Street on February 25 2006.

Judge Patrick McCartan suspended the last nine months of the sentence on strict conditions.

Maybe he was the one who ripped Charlie Birds shirt pocket off…

A few randomers were assaulted as far as I recall so maybe it was for that rather than solely throwing missiles. We’re due another one of these parades too.

The Croppy from on here was involved. He played for my soccer team at the time but didn’t show for the game. Rang us afterwards and said he was in Champion and what size boots did I want - never saw sign of the loot though unfortunately.

Apparently the organisers of this are going to hold another parade. In Dublin. Outside the GPO. At Easter.

Lets be having them. :guns:


Why? I thought we were friends now. Or is it just a vigil for poor ould Ian, god love him.

I’m in favour of this as long as the good people of Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan are in favour of it.

If those North of the border are ever to be assimilated, then their grasp of the islands provincial boundaries must be correct.