Lovely Ladies of Euro 2020

I kid you not…

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Great thread mate

Not really, there’s nothing about this year.

Blur out the tran(s) at least.


Kyle Walker’s WAG embarrassed to be associated with him.

Klum remains Yum.

Annie get your gun

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Resemblance to Samantha Fox in her heyday.

Claudia no?

I thought it was Heidi Klum :see_no_evil:

Didn’t realise Germany still had concentration camps.

Diletta Leotta.


Some videos of her about the place…

Please post…

It’s not in keeping with the ethos @Rocko is trying to foster.

Are you the official dirty old man of the site now?

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Oh, I wouldn’t even know her name only I googled her DAZN mike.
Seems she made a video with her boyfriend. Sure isn’t that a healthy pass-time?