Lovely Ladies of the 2018 FIFA World Cup


Emma Louise Jones out of the “traps” early. Picked up a bit of coverage at last nights Official Warm Up game between England and Costa Rica


the last picture there



:clap: An outstanding start to what will be hopefully a very busy thread.


Best of what I could find today


lads, any pics of the Saudi hotties?





You’d cash out on there


World Cup “ambassador” Victoria Lopyreva



the iranians will raise the bar tomorrow

cc @caoimhaoin


I wouldn’t bet on it . The Persian women are stunningly beautiful but their diaspora display it better . Can’t see the mullahs allow a tottie fest . I hope I am wrong .

God they really are beautiful women .


agreed, there is a load of them living in israel, them and kurdi women are unreal


Be no English women in Russia.


Incredible women


The original Irish were Persian…then them ugly fucking celts came along with their red and blonde hair and pale skin and fucked everything.


The Original Irish women were men.


if you ever want to have a child you might decide to have sex with a persian or iraqi woman
i was advised this one evening by a geneticist (sp?) who studies this stuff at Hadash ein kerem in jersualam
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Would you have a read of that first sentence again.



The WAG fest in Baden in 2006 is a distant memory .