Damien Demspsey - Colony

‘You’ll never kill our will,
To be free,
To be free,
You’ll never kill our will,
To be free,
To be free,
You’ll never kill our will,
To be free,
To be free,
Inside our minds,
We hold,
Hold the key.’



I look to the east,
I look to the west,
To the north,
To the south,
And I’m not too impressed,
Time after time after crime,
They raped, robbed,pillaged, enslaved and tortured,
Jesus Christ was their God and they done it in His name,
So he could take the blame if it’s not all a game
With bible in one hand and a sword in the other
They came to purify my land of my Gaelic Irish mothers
And fathers, and sisters and brothers
With our own ancient customs, laws, music, art
Way of life and culture
Tribal in structure
We had a civilisation
When they were still neanderthal nations
We suffer with the Native American, the Indian in Asia
Aboriginal Australia
The African people with their history so deep
And our children still weep and our lives are still cheap
You came from Germany, from France, from England
And from Spain
From Belgium and from Portugal
You all done much the same

You took what was not yours
Went against your own bible
You broke your own laws
Just to out do the rival
But did you ever apologize
For the hundreds and millions of lives
You destroyed and terrorised
Or have you never realized
Did you never feel shame
For what was done in your country’s name
And find out who’s to blame and why they were so inhumane
And still they teach you in your school
About those glorious days of rule
And how it’s your destiny to be
Superior to me
But if you’ve any kind of mind
You’ll see that all human kind
Are the children of this earth
And your hate for them will chew you up and spit you out

You’ll never kill our will to be free, to be free
You’ll never kill our will to be free, to be free
You’ll never kill our will to be free, to be free
Inside our minds we hold, hold the key



Does it not just make you cry?



Tis true, Colony does make me emotional. As does this.

Rory Gallagher - I fall apart

Like a cat that’s playing with a ball of twine,
That you call my heart,
Oh but baby is it so hard,
To tell the two apart?
And so slowly you unwind me,
'Til I fall apart.

I’m only living for the hour,
That I see your face,
And when that happens,
I don’t wanna be no other place,
'Til the end of time,
You’ll be on my mind.

I don’t mind,
Waiting for your love,
Borrowed time,
I’ve got plenty of,
Rain or shine,
Please bring out your love,
Make it shine,
Like the stars above.

I’m only living for the moment,
When I hear your voice,
Oh, I’m waiting,
I don’t have any choice,
And the day is long,
So won’t you come where you should be.

Like a cat that’s playing with a ball of twine,
That you call my heart,
Babe, is it so hard,
To tell the two apart?
And so slowly you unwind it,
'Til I fall apart.



There were lazy drunken bastards singing Billy in the Bowl



I had to point this out to a young roaster at lunchtime…

The lyric is [B]not[/B] “And there won’t be a party with the weather in France”

The lyric is… “And there won’t be a party with weathering frocks”



Let me put you in the picture
Let me show you what I mean



I try to say goodbye and I choke
Try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it, it’s clear
i wear goggles when you are not here



and his poor pathetic parents so stricken with grief
that they spelled his name wrong on his funeral wreath



My empire strikes with the strength of poisonous snakes
My entire unit loaded up with snake niggas that hire stakes
We pull off a high stakes, great escapes, expand, shift team downstate
Dreams are growing over and my son’ll live great
Little man I’m plannin to enhance your mindstate
The rebirth, a nigga who lived an ill life
The one before me was of an even more trife
My understandin, I’ll raise you with precise plannin
And put you on to the whole game of this planet
But I gotta survive in order to follow thru plans to live lot-o
Me and my lil’ getgo, any man tryin to stop us he get wet-o
He couldn’t withstand the snake bite, there is no hanky
Don’t you put your hands too close and try to approach
I won’t snap at you I’m goin for throats
And when you feel my bite 'cha sing high notes
I peeped you from deep and then you got cut throats
My formulae-I live life do or die
Stare into the eyes of a deep wiseguy
Prodigy turnin niggas to protoges
My protege I advise ya ass to make way
Make way…for fully-auto gun spray
You’re small prey, I’ll easily bait and trap yea
This man is half mad scientist-half sane
Creative rhyme labryinth like poisonous cannabis
Here take a toke of this daily rare roackalist
Overpower y’all, tiny noise like locust
Like sunlight thru a magnifying glass I’ll focus em
Burn a hole straight thru ya brain and leave ya open (Oh shit!)
And let the venom soak in
You start sweatin and goin thru convulsions from dope shit I write
Leavin niggas stuck, I let spit
Trapped up in a web of a nigga that’s sick
I’ll wrap you up in cocoon, you caught up in the midst
As dangerous as risky business fuckin with this
Contender number one I put you on top of the list
You’re the best challenger so far I’ll give you this
But peep this (what?) fatal shots that soloplex
Man down, now who dares to go next?
Like General Monkmonk orders to chop necks
I send a message to my whole clique to bomb shit
Atomic, no time for calm shit
We hyperactive and it’s time for Vietnam bit
Ya whole alliance gets single handedly bomb-ded
Take heed to the apostle’s warning



For you ooh, you ooh, I deeveydoh

Budapest - George Ezra



Love I adore you
Always lookin’ for you
And I’ll be there whenever you need me
Be my Spiderwoman I’ll be your Spiderman

I hear our day is comin’
Grows sweeter every year
Tomorrow could be too easy
And today’s goin’ to be too near
Justice for believers and love can keep the faith
I don’t need you I can’t buy you I can’t hurt you



Girl I wanna make you sweat !!!
Sweat till you can sweat no more
A la la dum
A la la la dum di dum dum
Come on



The Galtee Mountain Boy:clap:

I joined the Flying Column in 1916
In Cork with Seán Moylan,In Tipperary with Dan Breen
Arrested by Free Staters and sentenced for to die
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee Mountain Boy

We went across the valleys and over the hilltops green
Where we met with Dinny Lacey, Seán Hogan and Dan Breen
Seán Moylan and his gallant men they kept the flag flying high
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee Mountain Boy

We tracked the Dublin mountains we were rebels on the run
Though hunted night and morning we were outlawed but free men
We tracked the Wicklow mountains as the sun was shining high
Farewell to Tipperary said the Galtee Mountain Boy

I’m bidding farewell to old Clonmel that I never more will see
And to the Galtee mountains that oft times sheltered me
To the men who fought for their liberty and died without a sigh
May the cause be ne’er forgotten said the Galtee Mountain Boy

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There’s a guy works down the chip shop wears a helmet …



Slow Uncle Walter
The fire engine guy…



Tommy opened up the door
And saw Becky crying



I pop, pop, pop,
blow, blow bubble gum,



A maggot sleeps on her desk
He wears a sleeping bag as his vest
And he’s getting too too bothered
About the spots on his chest, chest, chest



If all that grows starts to fade, starts to falter
Oh, let me inside, let me inside, not to wait