Maddie McCann

So what is TFK jury verdict on this?

Personally I’ve always been of the belief the kid was killed by in some neglectful accident that happend when they left the kids unsupervised or the mother offed here in a fit of rage. I think it’s safe to say if the McCann’s were working class they would have been locked up or had their kids taken from them (no pun intended).


Was reading the book there for a while. I don’t believe that the above happened simply because too many people were involved ie the party of people who were constantly with the parents and were with at the time the kid supposedly went missing. Also the treatment the parents received from the Portugese authorities was woeful. I think the cops believed that the McCanns were responsible from the word go and their agenda was to get evidence to pin it on them.
What bugs me about the whole thing is how organised and outwardly cool the McCanns appeared at the time and subsequently. Surely if something as bad as this happened, especially in a foreign country, your ability to function would be badly hampered to say the least. I reckon she’s still alive and will someday be found. Remember the Jaycee Dugard case in the states.

You read too much red tabs Totti.

I generally avoid newspapers Kevin. I also thought the British press were supportive of the McCann’s?

Cops are to start digging in portugal. Hopefully they find a body which will lead to the arrests of her killers. Doubtless @Il Bomber Destro will say she deserved her death for grassing up the twins for eating a biscuit in bed

It were MI5 wot done it.

Sounds like a fairly fucking low brow documentary.

Well it was for the Australian market.

its channel 7 mate

You’d think the parents would be all over it.

The first post here harks back to a more innocent time in TFK’s history.