Major League Baseball


Season gets underway today. Los Doyers v Los Padres is the big West match up. The sick note Yankees and Braves are also worth a punt in the overall market.

Red Sox playing in garish yellow & blue here, apparently as a tribute to the Boston marathon.

Red sox snap a 11 game losing steak at the yankees.

We beat the snot out of them in front of 18k gold chain wearing guidos.

Jacob deGrom is the GOAT

Mets, Mets, Mets

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Jake Cronenworth with a 2 run homer makes 3 - 2. Good game here.

Mets win. Good game.

My beloved Giants are having a great season thankfully.

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Obtain is really doing the impossible, it’s incredible.
I was in the states for the summer of 89 or 90 when the Blue Jays had drafted John Oletud, who had been a standout pitcher in college, i remember the excitement as to whether he could be the first in a long time (since the Babe??) to double up in the majors, he never pitched a ball.

Incidentally I’m reading the DiMaggio biography at the moment, it’s superb

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None have really played both fully since Ruth and definitely none to this otherworldly level.

Pity is he’s at the angels, who’ve wasted the past decade of Mike Trouts guaranteed hall of fame talent and might now do the same to Ohtani.

Next Thursday, there’s going to be a Field of Dreams game between the White Sox and Yankees in a Iowa cornfield.


Cubs and White Sox tied 4 -4 here at the top of the 9th in the cross town classic

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Those Sox jerseys are sick

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Best seat of my life, and they didn’t score a run


That’s cool, as a young lad I went to dozens of mets (mostly) and Yankees games, we’d buy seats for the nosebleed sections but work our way down, ended up behind home plate or over the dugout a few times, I’d say security is tighter now :grinning:
Jesus I love a ballpark, that moment when you emerge from the underground and take it all in :heart_eyes: Beautiful


FFWD to 02:15 :heart_eyes:


Don’t fast forward at all!

What a country


Agreed, but I know how impatient some people are around here. It’s beautiful.