Man V Food

Anyone watch this?

Still don’t know what to make of it. No wonder obesity is rampant in the States when you see some of the food served up

Is there really a need for a 4 pound burger?

I love this show but it’s a killer that it’s on so late at night, you’d be fair hungry watching all that grub.

I don’t think the show is promoting obesity, but it does highlight how easy it’d be to become obese in the USA. I’d be addicted to most of the stuff they show if I lived there and I’d be a fat fucker in no time, I’m sure of that. The portion sizes are unreal.

The key is education in schools at a young age. I ate an awful lot of crap when i was younger but I did not have a clue about nutrition or the likes.

You know what, me too. Didn’t have a clue about calories or anything until I suddenly started getting fat around 21. Luckily I had a friend who was a nutritionist and she set me straight. But the kids nowadays eat WAY more stuff than I ever did. Chinese take aways and stuff at lunchtime. A few bags of crisps would’ve been the extent of it for me. Or chocolate bars late at night. The Chinese over the road from Blackrock college do a lunchtime special for schoolboys. That’s insanity. I had two cheese sandwiches everyday and in 5th and 6th year we’d sometimes go down to Spar for a sausage roll.
Fat fucking kids waddling around all over the place now.

the thing that amazes me about muldoons is that they still eat similar food to what they at 100 years ago even though most of them dont work the fields anymore- the hugh calroie diet of 100 years ago was needed as they worked their peasant fields but its not needed now

Good point.

On Dave now, I’m ravenous watching him

What a burger.

The bacon looked unreal. About 5k+ calories I’d say. The amount of cheese. mmmmmmm

TG4 should get Dunph to do an Irish version of this show

This is a great show. I intend on hitting up some of these challenges. Still annoyed that I never new about the burger challenge in Memphis because I’ll probably never go back to that place again.

Fat people are fucking gross. They deserve to be ridiculed.

Don’t suppose they had one of these for dessert?

32,000 calories in each one.

On Dave again, he was eating Brisket earlier it looked fucking sexual

I fucking love this show. I was watching Man vs Food Greatest Moments on Saturday while I was minding the young man, it was excellent.

Anyone ever tried eating a Ghost Chili?

have watched a few of the episodes of this show. One that sticks out in my mind was the sushi one where he had to eat 5 or 6 sauces that got hotter with each one before being even allowed to take on the challenge.

There’s a similar one to Adams show on Good Food every night channel 262 Sky- Outrageous Food. Well worth a watch. 48 inch pizza on it last night, 6lb burrito previously, not a challenge like Adam though just food worshipping.

I’ve seen most of the Man v food episodes a few times now, wouldn’t want to be stoned watching it.

Go Flanno Go ! Go Flanno Go !

great show, the food looks amazing, americans know how to do a good burger it must be said

Watching it here and he is eating 12 slider style hamburgers and a big portion of onion rings in 30mins. Each burger contains what i could only describe as a hash brown in them, beef and thick cheese on top. There is a crowd of people around him going absolutely bananas.

And he has failed with a half burger left and a bit of onion ring. He was horsing them into his mouth at the finish. The crowd were all devastated he couldn’t finish it and some of them looked like they wanted to kill him…